Sunday, January 22, 2012

~ vintage inspired wedding ~

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Body...I'm back!

In light of my growing weight gain, I decided it was important to repost my Dear Body heart to heart to remind me that enough is enough. 

Effective immediately I'm putting ME first.

Step 1 read dear body
Step 2 eat healthy
Step 3 exercise
Step 4 drink water
Step 5 SLEEP!

So let`s begin....

Dear Body,
As I sit here feeding you a bowl of chocolate ice cream, I cannot help but feel that it's time for a real heart to heart. The past 3 ½ years have been very difficult for you, I empathize.

First you had to deal with having to carry extra cargo for 9 months, not just once but twice. With that came the added weight gain of 30 pounds, followed by another 15 pounds. Granted this weight gain wasn’t your fault. You had to do what you needed to do to support that extra cargo. For that I understand.

I must pause here. {I’m dealing with some brain freeze. Note to self, eat ice cream slowly}.

It is time we move forward. Things must change. You keep sending me mixed signals. Just the other day after 'Heart' and I took you how for a long walk, you forced me to drive you to McDonalds for a Big Mac!

Was that really necessary?

You say how tired you are, and how terrible you feel in your clothing. You are feed up with the muffin top, but you make me buy you muffins.

Why do you do this to me? I thought we were friends. I thought we had the same goals and desires. Clearly that is no longer the case.

That being said, I’m moving out. You will have to find someone else you feed you. Perhaps ask 'Heart' if she up for the job.

I don’t think she would be, since she has to move your ass out of bed each day. That alone is a huge milestone. Maybe if you bribe her with some exercise. She’s always been a sucker for an elevated heart beat.

I’m not saying this will be forever. I really need my time now to think things over. Perhaps it’ll do you some good too. You’ll be on your own now. No one to feed you, chocolate, or cake, or ice cream. No more bread and pasta. And certainly no more Big Macs.

That brings me to my next point.

I’m sorry to tell you this but Atkins and I are getting back together. We lost 14 pounds together but since we broke up I gained back 20 pounds!  (actually  when I wrote this over a year ago is was 4 pounds, now its 20! Argh! )

I know you don’t like Atkins, as my friend you told me this many times. We are Italian I know; we are supposed to eat bread and pasta. 'Heart' and I talked and she agrees it’s in my best interest that I move on.

Once I’m back down to my skinny self, then maybe we can start talking again.

Until then, I will miss you 'Body' and wish only the very best.


Your Upstairs X Roommate, 'Brain'

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

- fashion fun -

One of my new regulars, a very sweet lady, referred me to her neighbour. Nikola's Mom. For her daughter's 11th birthday she was interested in cupcakes, and a small cake. The theme fashion. 

I personally don't enjoy making "real" objects. Like , xbox, or a car.  Perhaps because I haven't pushed the envelope on my capabilities but I think it lies with being limited to the object in front of me. That is I cannot use my creativity instead having to stick to the design of the object.  However when in comes to handbags I'm more then willing. 

So when I heard the word fashion and 11th, I knew a fun girly handbag would be a perfect fit! I loved making this cake, along with the cute cupcake toppers.

It's all about fun and fashion, the day in the life of a 11 year old.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

- happy st. patrick's day -

Back in my days without kids I would be at a pub tonight enjoying some green beer. Instead these days I bake ;)   green cookies.  Happy "paddy's" day, whatever you do, enjoy the feastivity of this day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

- simple yet bold -

Most of the time I find the back of the cake just as nice as the front. So this time I decided to display the back as a alternate design.

From this simple yet bold cake, I was able to creative 4 different looks using the front & back of the cake, and with or without the topper.

Check out all 4 of them...each of them different.

Version I - This was the final product that I delivered to my client

- version II - the back of the cake . this cake be used for any occassion, birthdays, bridal and baby showers,  to weddings -

- version III - back of the cake  w/ baby topper -

-version iv - w/ train topper - perfect for a birthday too -

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

- its our anniversay {givaway!!} -

I love to host a fun party...
And today I want to help YOU host one!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Cupcakes Under Cover I've put together an incredible prize pack worth $300.00!!!

small 2-tier cake
dozen cupcakes with custom toppers
dozen sugar cookies
dozen cake pops
custom birthday banner
party tags: cake pops, cookies, cupcakes
table dressings with linens, jars, display plates

Theme: Boys ROCKETS +  Girls OWLS 

Prize Package conditions:

1. event must take place in home
2. must have a dining table or kitchen island. Placement of the table will determine banner placement.
3. table linen, cake stand, display jars and plates are for rented use only; must be returned
4. no substitution; cake and cupcake flavour death by chocolate
5. must live in the GTA (canada); excludes the cost of delivery/return pick of party rentals
6. eight weeks notice is required & subject to availability {alternate dates may be suggested}
7. prize package expires March 1st 2012


1. For one entry- Become a follower of  ....i don't like mama (click "follow" over on the left sidebar) AND Cupcakes Under Cover on facebook  and come back her and tell me that you did so OR if you are already, then leave a comment here

2. For a second entry - Spread the word about this fun giveaway by posting on your facebook (then leave a comment here telling me you shared this post on your facebook)

3. For a third entry- Share my facebook page by selecting the share icon located on the left side of Cupcakes Under Cover page, and asking friends to join, then come back and leave a comment here that you "shared" Cupcakes Under Cover.

Include you Name and Email address on all comments
Win will be selected randomly.
Content ends March 12th 2011

~ minimum of 20 entries otherwise giveaway will be cancelled, so SHARE SHARE SHARE!-


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Every little girls dream...

WOW is right! 
This entire table (with the exception of Elmo) was designed around my client's partyware.

Princess cake table center piece (based on balloon)
Castle cake with princess walking up the cobblestone path (based on napkin)
Tiara cookies (based on the princess' tiara)
Smash cake with tiara topper & a small ward cookie
Tiara cupcakes
and finally Elmo cookies

Happy 1st Birthday Olivia!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

- happy heart day my friends! -

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My love for cake stands!

I recently lost one of my of beloved cake stands. So today when I walked in my favourite store I was overjoyed to find these cake stands. Not just one but two, and just porcelain stands but ribbon stands to boot!

For months I've been looking for something like this. I tell you karma has a way of working out. I'm still on the hunt for  a black cake stand, so if you come across one in your shopping adventures, give me a shout. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Perfection ~ TOY STORY 3

I took my inspiration from 'opening play menu' from the movie which has Andy's room....background image of his wall and floor.

The cake covered in his wall paper blue with yellow stars along with the baseboards, and completed by hardwood floors, where all the toys adventures take place!

I'm in ♥ with this cake. My new favourite!

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